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I lost my house keys, will you damage the lock to get in?
We can unlock nearly any type of lock without damaging the lock – so it is very unlikely that we need to drill out the lock and put a new one in. If we need to drill out a lock, we will leave the door handle and fixtures undamaged.


What does rekey mean? 
Rekey is a cost effective and easy alternative to replacing your lock hardware. Pins in the lock are modified so that current keys no longer work, then we issue new keys that do work. This is something people often do when moving into a new home, or if someone undesirable has a key to your home or office.


Will you damage my car when you unlock it since you’re opening it without a key?
No, the tools we use are designed specifically for your vehicle. This does not mean that damage cannot be done with the tool. When the person using the tool has been properly trained and licensed this shouldn’t be an issue.


What makes some car and/or motorcycle keys so expensive to make?
Vehicle security like everything else is constantly evolving. Most late model vehicles are now equipped with a type of anti-theft system called transponders. Some vehicles don’t even use a conventional key and lock system, but instead use an electronic key fob. To program these types of keys / fobs we as locksmiths must invest in the equipment and training to generate working keys / fobs for these vehicles. Also, the key blanks and fobs themselves are a lot more expensive than your standard metal key blank.


Please explain what a transponder key does.
A transponder key is a type of anti-theft device for your vehicle. Basically, it is a chip that is embedded in the head of your key (which is not visible) that receives a signal from your vehicles computer upon starting your car. If the digital signature from the computer & key match your vehicle will start.